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A dog lives 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  If you want the job done right and you want the proper (factual) information that you need to truly appreciate and understand your dog, give us a call today at (414) 476-5511.
We at Dog's Best Friend understand that not every dog has the same behavioral patterns. Because of this, not every dog can be trained the same way. Our behavioral training is catered to your specific needs and addresses your dog's specific problems. 
We pride ourselves on our vast knowledge of all types of dogs and breeds. No dog is too old or young to begin learning.
If you're in West Allis Wisconsin or surrounding areas and would like to make sure you're getting the best results for your dog's behavioral training needs, you couldn't have come to a better place!

Dog's Best Friend offers various training programs which are divided into five categories: Sample, Private, Group, Specialty Training, and Combination.

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Dog's Best Friend
Premier Dog Training, West Allis, WI

It is the belief at Dog’s Best Friend that nobody purchases a dog to train them. They purchase a dog to love, kiss, hug, snuggle, play and spoil it. Later they realize that it is in their dog’s and their best interest to train it. The quality of life for everyone involved goes up exponentially.  It is becuase of this fact that behavioral training methods are developed and used that create an energetic and exciting form of teaching that not only delivers incredible results but also maintains enjoyment for all parties involved: the dog, the owner, and the trainer. Over the years, Dog’s Best Friend has developed these extremely wonderful and innovative behavioral methods.
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Fun Fact

Did you know that less than 1% OF 1% of the facilities or individuals that advertise that they are professional dog trainers are actually full time professional dog trainers?
Dog's Best Friend is one of the few FULL TIME, professional dog training facilities in the entire country.

Clients' Expereinces

  1. Michelle & Sean Hanley
    Dog's Best Friend helped us train our rescue Belgian Malinois that came from an abusive background. Their methods are gentle, humane, and effective. Dog's Best Friend has incredible dog trainers. Unlike other facilities, they have many methods and doesn't teach 10 dogs the same thing at once in a "one size fits all" session. They guarantee their training methods. Our dog went from cowering to jumping through hula hoops and climbing ladders to extremely impressive obedience.
    Michelle & Sean Hanley
  2. Eva Marie
    Words can't express how much they have helped me and how caring they are about making sure Charlie is trained!! I appreciate Dogs Best Friend and Sam is awesome!!
    Eva Marie
  3. Katherine Holla
    Night and day difference between our first lesson and now. We still have some remaining group lessons and individual sessions. They have taught us and our dogs so much! HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM!
    Katherine Holla
  4. Kelly Beuth
    Dogs best friend is the place to go for dog training! Chas is a fantastic behavioral dog trainer to work with and is not afraid to take on any challenge. He's very open and honest with his training. If you follow through with what he teaches you forever your dog will be a great well balanced dog. I've taken a few dogs there who were in bad situations and not treated right, and he helped these fear agressive dogs become the happy dogs they deserved. Thank you Chas for always helping and teaching me how to handle situations!
    Kelly Beuth