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It is the belief at Dog’s Best Friend that nobody purchases a dog to train them. They purchase a dog to love, kiss, hug, snuggle, play and spoil it. Later they realize that it is in their dog’s and their best interest to train it. The quality of life for everyone involved goes up exponentially.  It is becuase of this fact that it is imperative that training methods are developed and used that create an energetic and exciting form of teaching that not only delivers incredible results, but also maintains enjoyment for all parties involved: the dog, the owner, and the trainer. Over the years, Dog’s Best Friend has developed these extremely wonderful and innovative methods.

Unfortunately, most owners and training facilities still adhere to an outdated, even archaic, method of Reactive Training that clings to an illogical belief that a consequense (whether positive or negative) should be delivered to the dog after it performs a proper or improper behavior. This is ludicrous and lacks all common sense. By waiting for the dog to react first, you are letting the dog determine what it learns, when it learns, where it learns, how often it learns, and the conditions it learns in. You are letting the dog create the syllabus.

These are the very same "wait and see" archaic training methods that were used 14 thousand years ago when wolves and coyotes were first introduced into human society and started their journey into domestication.

This is the 21st Century! Let us be Proavtive, not Reactive.

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With over 30 years of unwavering dedication to the research, development, and continuous practice of highly effective training methods that deliver outstanding results, Dog's Best Friend stands out as the trusted authority when it comes to top-notch dog training West Allis Wisconsin pet owners rely on to provide their dogs with the proper training they need. Here at Dog's Best Friend, we understand how important it is for dogs to receive proper training as early as possible. We know for a fact that the way your dog behaves and reacts to certain things can have a significant impact on your quality of life as well as in the lives of everyone around. As an American Kennel Club Certified Dog Trainer with a wealth of knowledge and experience in all types and aspects of proper dog training, we have established a solid reputation as the preferred provider of quality dog training at honest, fair prices.